Inspection & Testing

NMEI Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao NMEI Group and a supporting institution of the NMEI Center. Pursuing high-quality development, it has built a platform of integrated innovation and one-stop service to provide technological foundation for full life-cycle quality control of marine and high-end equipment, serving key industries such as marine engineering, shipping, rail transit, automobile, new energy, electric power and general electric appliances.

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Marine engineering equipment industry

Having the only platform for comprehensive subsea equipment inspection and test in China, providing technical services such as technological R&D, design consultation, simulation analysis, test verification, inspection and evaluation, etc.

Shipbuilding industry

Providing services such as classification testing, R&D tests and performance testing, mechanical performance testing and chemical analysis of basic materials.

Rail transit industry

Meeting the international, national and industrial standards of EN, IEC and GB/T, and providing comprehensive technical support for the environmental adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability of rolling stock equipment.

New energy industry

Providing standardized inspection and intelligent operation & maintenance services for photovoltaic power stations, wind power stations, new energy charging piles, new energy electrical equipment, energy storage batteries, clean energy projects and energy comprehensive utilization projects.

Electric power engineering industry

Providing services including on-site handover test, preventive test, condition-based maintenance test and power equipment safety assessment, as well as installation, repair and test of power facilities and general contracting of power projects.

Automobile industry

Capable of meeting the international, national and industrial standards, as well as the special test program of parts suppliers and the test and inspection requirements of mainstream OEMs both at home and abroad, and providing inspection services, technical consultation and technical services for automobile products such as vehicles, parts and components.

Military industry

Capable of providing environment, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility inspection systems for  materials and complete equipment, hardware & software, and complex large systems, meeting  standards such as  GJB, GB/T, and offering professional technical services for the whole life cycle of military products.

Household appliances and consumer electronics industry

Providing EMC radiation and immunity inspection, rectification and technical consultation, and offering  tests of structural strength, dynamics, environmental adaptability, reliability and endurance for the full range of consumer electronics.

Medical equipment industry (electronics)

Meeting the testing requirements of medical electrical equipment for electromagnetic compatibility, weather resistance, mechanics and comprehensive environment, and capable of comprehensively testing the material properties of implanted and interventional medical products and medical materials.

Communications industry

Meeting relevant certification and testing standards for civil communication equipment, and providing testing services such as wireless interference test of high-voltage overhead transmission and transformation stations, interference investigation of communication base stations, and environmental impact assessment of electromagnetic radiation at the workplace.

Nuclear power industry

Satisfying the full set of testing requirements for high-voltage power transmission and transformation products, providing reliability assessment of pressure and fatigue of components such as valves and pipelines, physical and chemical analysis of materials as well as creep rupture life analysis.

Food and drug industry

Capable of testing all the parameters of 34 categories of food stipulated in the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of National Food Safety Sampling Inspection; holding  organic, GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and HACCP certifications, and capable of providing one-stop service of testing and certification for enterprises of food and agricultural products both  at home and abroad.