NMEI Co., Ltd. was Granted the Certificate of "Product Inspection and Testing Institution" by China Classification Society


On July 23, 2019, the issuing ceremony of "CCS Certificate for Product Inspection and Testing Institution" was held at Qingdao NMEI group. Hu guangfu, director of the Industrial Product Division of Qingdao Branch of China Classification Society (CCS) issued the certificate for NMEI Co., Ltd (National Marine Equipment Quality Inspection Center).


For this certification, NMEI Co., Ltd. passed CCS's strict procedures of document review, on-site preliminary evaluation, on-site test witness and test result review, etc. Evaluation experts concluded that NMEI Co., Ltd. met CCS requirements in terms of personnel, equipment, environment and testing capability, etc. They approved all 22 categories of products in 7 professional fields of metal materials, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, ores and minerals, petrochemical machinery, military and civilian equipment, electrical and electronic products and nonmetallic materials for cables, and decided to grant NMEI Co., Ltd. the CCS Certificate for “ Product Inspection and Testing Institution”. Among all those that have been certificated by CCS as "Product Inspection and Testing Organization", NMEI Co., Ltd. has the most types of products and projects accredited.

The CCS certificate of "Product Inspection and Testing Organization" is a full recognition of the professional inspection capability of NMEI Co., Ltd. With this certificate, NMEI can provide inspection and testing services for the classification of ships and marine engineering products, issue authoritative inspection reports and offer all-round inspection and testing services as a strong technical support for domestic and international shipbuilding and marine industries, which will definitely give NMEI a greater role to play in marine equipment inspection.

NMEI Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested and established by Qingdao NMEI Group Co., Ltd. to ensure the independent and impartial construction and operation of the National Marine Equipment Quality Inspection Center. Being qualified by CNAS (laboratory accreditation), CMA (inspection and testing institution accreditation) and DILAC (national defense laboratory accreditation), NMEI company is capable of more than 5,000 inspection and testing services for marine equipment, rail transit, automobiles, marine new energy and other fields.